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Synonyms for divisor

one of two or more integers that can be exactly divided into another integer

the number by which a dividend is divided

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5 Identify the Identify total * We can make 3 total number number of 3/4 divisor 2/3 of 3 divisors groups (bags) kilogram bags including in total out of including partial the given partial bags.
Up to a bimeromorphic transformation, Z is either empty, a rational curve of vanishing self-intersection, or supports a divisor D of elliptic fiber type, a divisor such that D x D = 0 and [chi](D) = 0.
Article 12 of the bill Abadi sponsored in December sides with the large blocs and keeps the Sainte-Lague divisor of 1.
The divisor vector GCDdivs of example image is given as, GCDdivs=divisors(80)=[1,2,4,5,8,10,16,20,40,80]
So, if care is taken with the fractions and you remember to multiply the remainder (if there is one) by the factor removed from both the dividend and divisor, Ruffini's rule can be used with linear divisors in which the coefficient of x is not 1.
It is shown that the standard model particle spectrum naturally follows from the classification of the independent primitive zero divisors of the algebra.
However, left and right divisor can be defined for some suitable elements.
The proposed mathematical relation to apply tests of divisibility were independent of divisors; either low valued or high valued whereas, rules presented by (Eisenberg, 2000) were for low value divisors.
Mas malaki ang advantage ko 'pag maraming divisor (I will have a greater advantage if there were more divisors), he said.
Amicable numbers are such that the divisors of the first number have a sum equal to the second number and the divisors of the second number total to the first.
Among the topics are greatest common divisors, integer multiples and exponents, quotients of polynomial rings, divisibility and factorization in integral domains, subgroups of cyclic groups, cosets and Lagrange's theorem, the fundamental theorem of finite abelian groups, and check digits.
Left zero divisors are right zero divisors, if ab = 0 implies ba = 0.
The theory of divisors on finite graphs can be viewed as a discrete version of the analogous theory on Riemann surfaces.
For this purpose at the beginning we define the starting number of data "NumberOfData" and next we look for such number, that is smaller than "NumberOfData" and that has the greatest possible number of divisors.