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serving to divide or marking a division

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constituting a division or an aliquot part of the basic monetary unit

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Divisionally speaking, this means more to Luc and the boys than it does to Brett Hull, Mike Modano and Joey Nieuwendyk.
A: We are organized in such a way that we have individual divisions like all companies do, but we have special mechanisms in place to ensure that we work cross divisionally, so that people are sort of marching in the same direction from the marketing and sales division, from the capital markets side of the equation, from the operation and product development portion, [and] from our systems needs.
Divisionally structured companies were not efficient and responsive, and functionally structured companies lacked the specialized expertise of the divisional paradigm.
NWE is a divisionally structured utility and does not have a holding company.
Over the next four years Mr Watts expanded Pertemps, both geographically throughout the West Midlands and divisionally by the introduction of technical and industrial sides.
I am excited to work cross divisionally with my incredible team to shape Sony Pictures' campaigns using the Internet, portable and mobile devices, gaming platforms, social media, and other emerging technologies.
is a divisionally structured utility serving 396,000 electric customers and 265,000 natural gas customers in Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska.
3 million dollars divisionally and $800,000 in Allegheny County, funds are more than $6,000 behind where they were this time last year.