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a weighted and hermetically sealed garment supplied with air


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Supply a total of 40 OT volume constant diving suits (various sizes) and 32 OT Schwimmjoch.
But as they waded over the partly submerged causeway, wearing diving suits and carrying breathing apparatus, the tide swept them into the water.
The novelty full diving suits began when Ben was asked to make a Batman diving suit for someone as a present.
Divers will wear special diving suits enabling them to reach a depth of 300 meters during the investigation, they said.
Eventually, he specialised in the rubber industry responsible for divisions supplying the defence industry with products including hovercraft skirts, diving suits and water-storage tanks.
Company divers will borrow self-cooling Navy diving suits and wear hard-hat helmets for dives in 90-degree water.
Contract notice: Complete intervention diving suits.
SNAKES, diving suits and skeletons are among the bizarre items left behind by students in Birmingham.
Snakes, diving suits and skeletons have replaced traffic cones and road signs as the 'musthave' collectables left behind by students in Birmingham.
Leonardo travels to Venice, a city under siege by the Turks, and approaches the Venetian authorities with ideas for a futuristic and unconventional means of attack - an underwater army, clothed in leather diving suits.
Henderson is one of the largest manufacturers of high-end diving suits and wetsuits in the USA.
Hunter, which is privately owned, manufactures dry diving suits for professional divers who are active in advanced rescue services and defense.
Prior Information Notice: Complete intervention diving suits.
The couple wore diving suits adapted to look like real wedding outfits.