divine right of kings

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the doctrine that kings derive their right to rule directly from God and are not accountable to their subjects

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Defoe went on to attribute this new wave of belief in divine right theory to "the Complaisance of a Party, who have all along been rather ready to talk of Loyalty, than perform it" (i).
Much of his poem's obvious political content is tendered in a satiric mode: Book 1 compares divine right theory to what euhemeristic demystification reveals to be the aesthetic representation of ancient tyrant-princes as pagan gods; Books 2 through 6 suggest the origins of Tory doctrine in the flattering cant of ambitious courtiers; Books 7 through 10 attack the idea of pure and uninterrupted monarchic succession by presenting a wealth of historical examples of tyrannical usurpation, and so developing a composite image of political history as successive conquest; and Books 11 and 12 counterpose the poem's satiric content with panegyric on William III and a post-Stuart era of limited monarchy.
Here, in terms that recall his tirade on divine right theory in the preface, and which are obliquely aimed at Clarendon, he writes that poets have "Blindly" celebrated tyrants, made them "shine in .