divine right of kings

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the doctrine that kings derive their right to rule directly from God and are not accountable to their subjects

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In secular political theory, Ussher's allegiance to the justice motif expressed itself in fervent advocacy of divine right monarchy scripturally justified, while Bramhall expressed a more supple and modern vision of monarchy as justified by natural law and circumscribed by the law and custom of the land, clearly drawing heavily on the communitarian emphasis of the numinous motif.
It was not just extreme social resentments, it was also flawed political philosophy and radical chic that led the Revolution to replace the absolute sovereignty of divine right monarchy with the absolute sovereignty of democratic administrative tyranny.
These are characteristics of power associated with divine right monarchy and the Papacy.
Such portraits have been widely viewed as epitomizing cavalier culture, the grace and elegance of the Caroline court, and the majesty of divine right monarchy.
James I's parliamentary speech of 9 November attributed the plot's discovery to divine deliverance, whereas William Barlow's sermon the next day discouraged "kneejerk anti-Catholicism" and defended divine right monarchy from all its enemies (including radical Protestants).