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an Islamic terrorist cell that originated in Jordan but operates in Germany

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Indian Christian theology as a product of Western Christian theology began its inquiry as a seeker of divine unity.
Once this work of epistemological restoration has been accomplished, the book proceeds down the path indicated by the questions that emerged through scrutiny applied to the concept of monotheism: the model of divine unity at work in Christianity is the Trinity, and the consequences of the application of this model are those that follow from knowing that God is love.
For the Muslim craftsman or artist who has to decorate a surface, geometrical interlacing doubtless represents the most intellectually satisfying form, for it is an extremely direct expression of the idea of the divine unity underlying the inexhaustible variety of the world, he says.
This stress on divine unity enlightens our doctrine of Tri-unity: unity is equal with trinity.
She has not written a hagiographical biography of this renowned archbishop, but an articulate and well-researched study of how and why Rodrigo used his profound belief in the unity of God, within the Trinity, to nurture the continued military expansion of Christianity, as well as "a belief in the originary divine unity of all creation, a return to which Christians could help foster by assimilating foreign peoples and bits of learning" (14).
His chapter titles express his themes, among them, comprehending divine unity, primal suspicion, divine integrity in human covenant and in Christ, ministries of doubt, and expediencies of politics.
Christians and Muslims can agree that God acts to bring his own claim of divine unity to bear by asking humanity: "Am I not your Lord?
This divine unity in diversity sets the pattern for understanding the dynamics of other relationships in the poem: reciprocity between the human and the divine, between man and woman, between divine dreams and satanic ones, and even between the disparate elements of a single life or soul.
The Unitarian Church of the Divine Unity in Ellison Place is one of only a handful of surviving art-deco buildings in the area.
Froebel conceptualized Divine Unity in the real world, connecting spirituality with nature:
All that is missing are the practices and what fuels those practices: a vital faith in divine unity coupled with an abiding trust in divine providence.
Pantheism is the belief in an all-inclusive divine Unity.
Though the grouping together of all eleven homilies has no basis in the manuscript tradition but is the work of modern editors, and though it must certainly be allowed that other opponents, and other issues, are in view besides the Anomoeans and their characteristic teachings, Professor Malingrey can argue with justice, that the eleven homilies form, as it were, a diptych with two panels: divine incomprehensibility, divine unity.
If, however, we consider the Judaeo-Christian tradition principally from the perspective of identity, it is apparent that that entire tradition hinges on an emphasis on divine unity against human diversity.
Based on this faith, the daily life and work of a human being, could be lived in union with this great Divine Unity.