Divine Comedy

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a narrative epic poem written by Dante

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THE whole thing is leaden," says Divine Comedy frontman Neil Hannon.
Neil, as the only Divine Comedy member signed to Parlaphone will continue to record for the label.
Oh Yeah Music Centre chief Stuart Bailie said: "The Divine Comedy have delivered so many stunning songs and Neil Hannon writes with wit, emotion and intelligence.
But the development of the Divine Comedy is a wonderful sight and, more importantly, a wonderful sound.
The new album, Regeneration, sees Hannon paring down the `loveable rascal' persona which saw the Divine Comedy rise to the forefront of the charts and a touring slot with Robbie Williams.
Ash, the Divine Comedy and the Undertones are to perform in a charity concert on November 3, each performing a classic album at the Ulster Hall in Belfast.
Blue Breathe Easy, Sugababes In The Middle, Darkness Love Is Only A Feeling, Anastacia Left Outside Alone, Outkast The Way You Move, Travis Love Will Come Through, So Solid Crew So Grimey, The Divine Comedy Come Home Billy Bird, The White Stripes There's No Home For You Here, Ryan Adams This Is It, Seal Waiting For You /Loves Divine, Korn Yall Want A Single, Outkast The Way You Move, The Keys From Tense To Loose To Slack, The Sleepy Jackson This Day/Come To This, Nickelback Feeling Way Too Damn Good Albums.
THE sun is set to rise on a new era for Ulster's Divine Comedy - and it's their homeland they're looking to for vital inspiration.
Envision trying to understand The Divine Comedy without possessing at least a passing knowledge of the tenets of the Christian faith.
The Divine Comedy headline Sunday night's prceedings and, showing its age, Ultimate is rather excited.
The Divine Comedy clearly had something to say about the current political situation, but the sombre atmosphere took some time to lift.
THE sun is set to rise on a new era for Ireland's Divine Comedy - and it's their homeland they're looking to for vital inspiration.
I'm not sure if they ever listen to Divine Comedy - I know they've heard my stuff, but I don't know if it's their kind of thing.
Highlights include Divine Comedy and Stereo MCs, a lecture from Irish President Mary McAleese, comedy nights, drive-in movies, scenic walks and bus tours.