Great Dividing Range

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a mountain range running along the eastern coast of Australia

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Nevertheless, the ups and downs of air flow across the terrain will open holes in all but the wettest weather, and so when all else is lost, a trip into and across the Dividing Range will offer the best chances for a view of the Sun.
For southeastern New South Wales, later historical sources describe only a few small-scale exchanges between coastal and inland groups east of the Great Dividing Range (the Divide).
The Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa is located on the Great Dividing Range adjacent to the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.
The Wolgan Valley, on Australia's Great Dividing Range, forms the centrepiece for unique experiences and insights into Australia's wildlife, history and cultural heritage.
vigilax at the Warwick site is the first record that the species has fully established at a southern Queensland inland town, about 160 km from the nearest coastal salt marshes, and on the western foothills of the Great Dividing Range.
In Australia the Liverpool mountain range - named after Lord Liverpool, who was prime minister at the time of its discovery - stretches north from the Hunter Valley and forms part of the country's Great Dividing Range which runs from the northern tip of Queensland to western Victoria state.
The Great Dividing Range, which separates the eastern coast of Australia from the rest of the country, has been the traditional habitat for most of Australia's koalas, but it is now threatened by urban and agricultural sprawl.
Nature unfolds the magic of Australia's eastern seaboard - the rolling blue waters of the Pacific lapping stark white beaches, while rainforests, cane fields and banana plantations evaporate into the haze of the Great Dividing Range.
The Blue Mountains are a particularly scenic part of the Great Dividing Range that runs along the east coast of Australia.
It is believed their ancestors formed a continuous population from central South Australia into Queensland and on into the Great Dividing Range (Strahan 1995).
In Victoria's high-reaching Great Dividing Range you'll find what I consider to be Australia's most challenging big game animal, the sambar.
Ned Kelly's knowledge of, and connection to, the country around which he grew up and lived, centred on the King River Valley, extending from Mansfield in the south to Benalla in the north, with the Strathbogie Ranges marking the western border and the Great Dividing Range the eastern.
For example, Asa Wahlquist discusses the `bleeding' of rural Australia and finds that the mountains forming the Great Dividing Range have evolved into more than a geographical divider; they have become a metaphor for the growing divisions between urban and rural Australia where the opportunities of the coastal strip no longer permeate to the interior (p.
This gave us dazzling seascapes at the start and finish, with the panoramas of the Great Dividing Range sandwiched in between.