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that part of the earnings of a corporation that is distributed to its shareholders

a number to be divided by another number

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a bonus

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We focus on two dependent variables, the percentage change in the Pe ratio (PE) and the percentage change in the market value of equity (MV), and examine whether these variables are related to changes in the value of corporate land holdings, ownership structure, risk, earnings growth, dividend payout, divident growth, and the use of special reserves.
The tax cut proposals would swallow any potential peace divident, eliminating any use of defense savings for city and town priorities.
The new divident is payable September 8, to shareholders of record August 9, A-B said.
However, we note that current net income includes the result of revaluation of financiall investments and also the proceeds from sale of company share in MOL, which may affect ultimate divident payments.
Chief executive Arun Sarin praised the group's "strong operational performance" and pledged to return pounds 3bn of cash to shareholders following a 20% rise in the final divident to 1.