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the diversity of plant and animal life in a particular habitat (or in the world as a whole)

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It is, of course, the diversity of life on Earth which actually enables us to have our being.
Just as coral reefs are the undersea platforms that support the greatest diversity of life, credit unions also support a diversity of different approaches to small business and community development, Donovan said during an interview with Cathie Mahon, CEO of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions.
Each update of this red list' makes us realise our planet is regularly losing its incredible diversity of life mainly due to our destructive actions to satisfy our growing appetite for resources" IUCN's Director General Julia MartonLefevre said.
Second, LibDems are proud of Britain's stand in providing a safe haven for seekers of sanctuary, and we remain totally committed to the view that the contribution of immigrants to the economy and diversity of life in modern Britain is a positive one.
What the yachts and their crews would discover would be more than the extraordinary diversity of life, natural wonders and welcoming peoples that they encountered on their circumnavigation around our watery globe.
The boys really enjoyed the opportunity to discover and get close to the wildlife that is on our doorstep but they may have never seen before and the findings will be used to create a wildlife record so we can monitor the diversity of life in the vicinity of the school.
Lauding the photographers for sharing their talents and inspiring the embassy to host this event, the ambassador said, "They have captured the natural beauty and diversity of life found in Oman.
Discover the wonder and diversity of life in the ocean -- no degree in marine biology required.
The #MyDubai e-Museum will be housed on @MyDubai -- the official Instagram and Twitter pages for the initiative -- and was launched on Monday with a selection of 25 images drawn from the 75,000 already submitted, which show the diversity of life in the emirate.
Unusual characteristics are also mentioned making the reader aware of the uniqueness and beauty of our world and the need to preserve habitat and a diversity of life.
With full color photographs on nearly every page, as well as some maps and charts, this book presents the diversity of life on Earth, with a focus on Africa.
Children can also look for the animals and insects hidden in the illustrations, to see the diversity of life in a native British woodland.
Newman, a professor of cell biology and anatomy, studies the diversity of life and how it got that way.
This rich diversity of life experience offers a wealth of brilliantly observed material to draw on - his early life in the East End in particular is achingly funny.
Over 300 color photographs vividly display the beauty and diversity of life in many different environments.
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