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the diversity of plant and animal life in a particular habitat (or in the world as a whole)

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For centuries, Africa was pillaged, battered and exploited by countries who never gave a thought to its people or the immense diversity of life there.
Newman, a professor of cell biology and anatomy, studies the diversity of life and how it got that way.
This rich diversity of life experience offers a wealth of brilliantly observed material to draw on - his early life in the East End in particular is achingly funny.
Over 300 color photographs vividly display the beauty and diversity of life in many different environments.
London, Oct 5 (ANI): In a decade long first census of marine life, it has been revealed that the world's oceans are teeming with far greater diversity of life than was previously thought.
Among the topics are emerging perspectives on the strangest fluid in the universe, water's hydrogen bond strength, understanding the unusual properties of water, properties of nano-confined water, protein folding and molecular recognition in water and other fluid environments, sources of terrestrial and Martian water, the diversity of life in the cosmos, some early responses to the special properties of water, and whether water is a navigable channel from science to God.
LAHORE, June 12 -- A poster competition at the Government College University Lahore on Friday echoed with an urgent call to conserve the diversity of life on the planet.
Convention on Biodiversity notes that the richer the diversity of life, the greater the opportunity for medical discoveries, economic development and the ability to adapt to new challenges such as climate change.
Synopsis: As millions this World Environment Day reflect on how they can conserve the diversity of life on Earth, a Flash Eurobarometer survey finds more than 9 in 10 adults in the European Union agree that biodiversity loss is a very or fairly serious problem globally.
Human activity is causing the diversity of life on Earth to be lost at a greatly accelerated rate.
The diversity of life is fascinating; we adapt to our environment and in turn as the authors point out, the environment adapts to its inhabitants.
Over the past two years, WHOI marine biogeochemist Mak Saito and colleagues have briefly shared the ice edge to sample the seawater chemistry and the diversity of life at the bottom of the food chain: hordes of phytoplankton, the microscopic plants of the sea, which, in turn, depend on essential, elemental nutrients: nitrogen, carbon, iron, zinc, and others.
Scientists were surprised by the diversity of life in the deepest reaches of the oceans.
Just the Right Size" ends with a fascinating summary of why there is diversity of life.
Overall this class introduced students to the importance of coral reefs and the diversity of life that live there.
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