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a bomber that releases its bombs during a steep dive toward the target

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Divebomber is particularly dramatic, while White Lies And Alibis applies the analogy to the prisonbound dreams of the West Memphis Three, who were controversially convicted for murder and released after fresh evidence came to light.
In 2010 she won the Divebomber Radio Play screenwriting contest.
We had our magical story for the day, thanks to that little aerial divebomber.
Centrica was the heaviest Footsie divebomber, jettisoning 20 3 /4p to 229 1 /4p, even though it assured investors that it expected to meet market forecasts for both this year and 2005.
England's vice-captain said of divebomber Monty: "All I remember thinking is, 'OK, it's an easy single', and I turned round thinking Monty would be safe - and I just saw him doing a leopard crawl to make his ground
There's the time Spitfires from Baginton Airfield inter cepted enemy planes and the amazing moment members of the Home Guard and police took potshots at a divebomber over Leamington.