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skin diving with scuba apparatus

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Once you see reasonable numbers of scallops nestled in the grass, anchor up, hoist your mandatory dive flag, and get your crew overboard.
You could park along the side of the road with a dive flag and gear and just start snorkeling.
You'll need a saltwater fishing license, a dive flag, mask, snorkel and fins with a mesh bag to gather your sea treats.
Bingham, after attending the first "Blue Wild" four years ago, heard a constant theme among divers - many boaters were unaware of the dive flag law and its meaning.
The next few minutes are spent getting the dive flag up and making sure all of the equipment is in order.
While in the water a dive flag must be deployed, a measuring device must be on each diver and lobsters may not be speared.
Governor Charlie Crist's proclamation of dive flag awareness week and diver/boater safety tips were also discussed.
Dive flag - $47; alerts boaters of your location underwater
He is dedicated to enhancing awareness of dive flag laws and to the development of an adaptive diver program to benefit other individuals with limited mobility.
Don't forget mesh bags for gathering scallops, and dive flag for safety.