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a bomber that releases its bombs during a steep dive toward the target

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In contrast to his statement, dive bombing accuracy is increased the closer an aircraft can be brought to the near vertical.
In dive bombing accomplishments during this period, the Aichi D3A Type 99, code-named Val, was unsurpassed, mainly attributable to the skill and perseverance of its two-man crews.
Their skulls are reinforced to cope with the effects of all that dive bombing.
Apart from the camouflage all the other pointers are pretty self evident although it still remains difficult if the fly lands on the bedroom ceiling at one in the morning after its dive bombing in the dark has sent you mad for an hour.
Now it's noise that no-one can pull the plug on in the shape of screaming, dive bombing seagulls.
SINKING THE RISING SUN: DOG FIGHTING AND DIVE BOMBING IN WORLD WAR II comes from a Navy fighter pilot and is a pick recommended for any World War II specialty library specializing in memoirs and first-person experiences.