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a bomber that releases its bombs during a steep dive toward the target

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Dive bombers sacrificed range for a heavier load of ordnance during a planned attack, carrying a 1,000 pound armor-piercing bomb.
Stukas over Spain: Dive Bomber Aircraft and Units of the Legion Condor
We were attacked by dive bombers, U-boats and E-boats would fire torpedoes at us.
three squadrons of Dauntless dive bombers from USS Enter-1 prise (CV 6) bombarded the main body of the Japanese invasion force.
HMS Kelly was sunk by Stuka dive bombers off Crete in 1941.
I was, myself, in the services for six years-plus, and today, 70 years on, I can vividly picture the dead and wounded of our men, plus the fleeing of the French evacuees, of dodging the terror of Goering's dive bombers at Dunkirk.
She could carry 42 aircraft; BF109s, the purpose-built Fiesler torpedo-bomber and a converted Stuka dive bomber - a truly imposing aerial force, probably with a greater potential than our own Sea Gladiators, Fairey Swordfish and Blackburn Skua fighter/dive bombers.
Nobody should compare the atrocity of Guernica to Gori or the Russian offensive to the German dive bombers, but the silence of the West is just as deafening.
Major MacDonald was a bandsman manning one of the ship's guns when it was hit by Stuka dive bombers.
Dive bombers strafed its decks, and torpedo bombers hit it below the waterline.
The surprise aerial counter-attack destroyed four Val dive bombers and one Zero.
Thus, during the initial strike against Midway, the Type 99 dive bombers from Akagi and Kaga formed a single attack unit, likewise the Type 97 attack bombers from Soryu and Hiryu.
Meanwhile, Imperial dive bombers set the nearby hangars ablaze.
Forty three Mitsubishi A6M2 fighters armed with machine guns and cannon set off, followed by 49 Nakajima B5N bombers carrying 1760-pound armour piercing bombs, 51 Aichi D3A dive bombers and another 40 Nakajima bombers carrying torpedoes modified for the shallow waters of Pearl Harbor.
He said: 'It was awful there, there were air raids all the time and the shrieks of the Stuka dive bombers as they came in was terrifying.