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Israel, of the District of Columbia, to be an Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia for the term of fifteen years, vice Melvin R.
Benson Roberts, vice president for policy, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, Washington, District of Columbia
A correctional officers union brought a [section] 1983 action against the District of Columbia and District officials after several hundred officers were laid off at the same time that the number of inmates housed in the District's jail was increased.
Martin's practice will focus on representation of a wide array of clients in connection with urban development projects throughout the District of Columbia and nationwide.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced more than $2 million environmetal informarion grants to four states, the District of Columbia, and two Native American tribes.
Only the District of Columbia showed a decline in the 65-and-over population.
3 million members in Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia and northern Virginia.
I can't really say that it stuck in my mind to become a park ranger or to ride a horse," says Satterwhite-Short, an interpretive specialist who oversees program planning and implementation of interpretative programs and special events at seven parks in the District of Columbia area.
The leaders of the 105th Congress, despite distractions, did cater a lot to the demands of their Religious Right allies, passing a voucher plan for the District of Columbia, extending "charitable choice" legislation, passing an education savings account plan, voting on an anti-separation constitutional amendment and introducing a litany of other church-state legislation.
Thirteen states and the District of Columbia raised gasoline taxes, with the largest increase ($.
Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, District of Columbia Mayor Adrian Fenty, and District of Columbia Chancellor of Public Schools Michelle Rhee will hold a press conference with reporters on Monday, August 24 at 7:35 a.
Dumont is currently serving as deputy director for politico-military affairs, J5, Joint Staff, Washington, District of Columbia
A prisoner brought a civil rights action against the District of Columbia and its employees, alleging they were liable to him for injuries resulting from an attack by other inmates.
bringing its nationwide portfolio to 67 restaurants across 24 states and the District of Columbia.
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