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It is well known that the District of Columbia draws a lot of commuters to work.
The District of Columbia Student Opportunity Scholarship Act of 1997," sponsored by House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Tex.
As the only urban land-grant institution in the country, the University System of the District of Columbia (www.
Our desire has always been to resolve this matter in a way that recognizes our status as a manufacturer and solidifies our status as a leading supplier of high-quality, low-price products in the District of Columbia.
Anyone operating a vessel on District of Columbia waterways is required to have a Boating Safety Certificate (also mistakenly referred to as the 'District of Columbia Boating License') in possession at the time of operation.
Fairfax has created another core area of employment apart from the traditional central business district of the District of Columbia, but it has not replaced itOThese two jurisdictions are not independent of each other, but rather supportive of one another, providing alternative environments to foster and enhance business development throughout the metropolitan area.
Alexander, 52, all of Bowie, Maryland, for their roles in a scheme to defraud the District of Columbia out of millions of dollars in real estate property tax refunds.
As part of the agreement, CTC will release more than $31 million from its escrow accounts to the states and the District of Columbia.
Judge Kessler denied Marriott's motion to dismiss the complaint, finding that the District of Columbia has a stronger interest than any other potential jurisdictions in protecting the interests of residents of the District of Columbia and in regulating the business practices of its corporate citizens.
With the Clearinghouse currently processing over $60 million in transactions per year, the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General, Child Support Services Division (CSSD) took the lead in developing a successful public/private partnership with SMI to add Check 21 as an essential component of their child support payment services.
37 Organizations Join Campaign to Raise Awareness to 79,128 District of Columbia Residents Who Are Medicare Beneficiaries
Wren, a provider of video surveillance solutions, today announced the District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA) has selected Wren Network Video Solutions and Wren Video Management System (VMS) Software for security, risk management and operations applications in 20 housing complexes across the DC metropolitan area.
The union that represented correctional employees sued the District of Columbia to force a change in staffing patterns at a jail.
According to Mike Latessa, director of the Office of Unified Communications, "The District of Columbia is committed to public safety and first-class customer service.
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