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Synonyms for inspector

Synonyms for inspector

a high ranking police officer

an investigator who observes carefully

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Backing crime fight: Judy Hodson-Walker with Julian Smith, Brosmgrove District Inspector, outside Fairfield Post Office.
Jerry receives his long-service award from Andy Hurley, RNLI district inspector.
District Inspector for Neil Thomas, Bangor, said: "Whilst our enquiries are ongoing, and officers have arrested two males in the area, I still need to remind vehicle owners of the need to remove personal property and secure their vehicle at all times to ensure that they do not become a victim of crime.
District Inspector Mark Armstrong said that he was now urging home owners to be extra vigilant and to make sure that their tanks were secure.
AS the ethical watchdog over a den of wolves, Los Angeles Unified School District Inspector General Don Mullinax has one of the toughest jobs in town, and he does it well.
District Inspector Neil Thomas said: "Over the past few weeks rocks have been left on these roads which have resulted in several collisions.
Mishra has also proposed : "Instead of routing the salaries to the teachers through Educomp, it should be given to them through District Inspector of Schools, like it is for other government school teachers.
District Inspector Ian Verburg said: "We became aware of the issue at around the beginning of February and increased patrols were undertaken by local officers.
On Wednesday, he disqualified one of the three bidders, The Eastridge Companies, following a finding by district Inspector General Don Mullinax that the firm appeared to have had a conflict of interest in violation of its contract.
District Inspector Dewi Jones says the bikes will increase local officers' visibility and enable them to cover a larger area during their shifts.
The Llangefni-based officers are having a direct impact on tackling crimes in the area, according to District Inspector Gareth Evans.
Romer said he wanted X-ray and other tests done on the building, which district Inspector General Don Mullinax has said might have serious structural problems.
District Inspector Sian Williams said: "The theft is believed to have happened between the end of May and the end of June.
He will be accompanied by District Inspector Manon Owen and representatives from the North Wales Police Authority.
Los Angeles Unified School District Inspector General Don Mullinax on Tuesday released a review of the district's Office of General Counsel.
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