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a person with authority to allot or deal out or apportion


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a company that markets merchandise

electrical device that distributes voltage to the spark plugs of a gasoline engine in the order of the firing sequence

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com) is a trade organization that consists of music retailers, wholesalers, distributors, content suppliers, consultants, and many other industry players.
ROC) recently presented its 2014 Distributor of the Year awards to:
Chapter 1 - Overview of the World Connector Market through the Distribution Channel World Electronics Distribution Channel Distributor Industry Sales 2006 - 2013 Merger and Acquisition Activity Ten Largest Worldwide Distributors of Electronic Components in 2013 World Interconnect Distribution Channel Connector Supplier Programs 20 Largest Connector Suppliers Based on POP Sales Volume Authorized Distributor Networks Authorized Distributor Networks in North America for the Top Ten Connector Suppliers Authorized Distributor Networks in Europe for the Top Ten Connector Suppliers Authorized Distributor Networks in China, Asia Pacific and Japan for the Top Ten Connector Suppliers Connector Distributors The Ten Largest Distributors of Interconnect Products
But while the marriage of multi-level marketing and environmentalism seems like an obvious fit--because distributors want to believe in the products they are selling to friends and family--consumers should beware that just because a company looks green does not mean it acts responsibly.
It is likely that the distributors will hear protests from shocked consumers.
Japan, like many other countries, has adopted a generally protective stance toward distributors.
Distributors may deliver orders in less-than-bulk quantities for loyal customers.
The Dominican Republic was growing so fast by the end of the 1990s that the credit and collections departments of the country's largest distributors began to resemble small banks, recalls Dennis Simo, vice president of corporate and personal banking for Bancredito.
In the past, distributors played multiple roles--lead generator, servicer, product specialist, relationship manager--with mixed success.
I've got a million dollars of my own money in this business and our distributors are behind us 100 percent,'' said Setlin, 64.
Many wholesale distributors should have the capacity to make pump or volume sales directly to such users.
Many an executive sees distributors merely in these terms.
We are thrilled to have Superior join our growing family of distributors as we extend our capabilities and market presence in Iowa.
Fortunately, black film festivals, independent distributors, cable television and video releases are helping to crack Hollywood's closed door.
Across the country, older family-owned wholesale distributors are disappearing or being bought by emerging behemoths, and the lowly ``take it or leave it'' supermarket magazine rack is on the cusp of what many predict will be major enhancements of modern marketing.
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