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serving to distribute or allot or disperse

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The second equation in (11) follows from the first equation in (11) in full analogy with the second equation in (7), which follows from the first equation in (7) by the distributivity of scalar multiplication and by the simplicity of (8).
It also includes Distributivity, Diversity, Disposability, Adaptability, Autonomy, Dynamic Coverage, Anomaly detection, multiple layers, Identity via behaviour, no trusted components, and imperfect detection (Charles A Janeway, 2001).
i], and owing to the distributivity of the intersection over the union, we have
The distributivity requirement is stated as follows: "There must be reasons justifying political obligation, which justify each of the citizens, acting on the obligation.
Apart from its extensions as a postposition, it serves the following purposes: as a derivational verbal prefix it marks distributivity.
Consider the example of distributivity, 3 * (9 + 2) = (3 * 9) + (3 * 2) = 27 + 6 = 33 where the numbers come from counting objects.