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serving to distribute or allot or disperse

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The data try to answer to two questions related to the factors that influence agreement processing during sentence production: the distributivity (semantic factor), the number of the local noun (morphological factor), and the subject's order (syntactic factor).
Other properties such as Distributivity, Autonomy, Diversity and Disposability are required for the flexibility and stability of artificial immune system (S.
Newey combines the requirements of transparency and distributivity (TD) in the following thesis: "There must be reasons justifying political obligation which justify each of the citizens, acting on the obligation, in thinking that he is so obligated.
Table 3 in its entirety shows the analytic sequence of the development of distributivity.
It is not obvious that this process does not compromise the basic properties of Boolean algebra, particularly associativity and distributivity.
In closely related work [Hehner 1993; 1998], a half-and-half approach to distributivity of functions over choice in their arguments is described.
Counterexample to Distributivity for DRDs: The additivity property for DRDs is similar to the additivity property of FDs.
Sometimes one also introduces a bottom element-the empty set [Hennessy and Milner 1980]-and postulates distributivity of ?
Unfortunately, the risks tend to increase and become more insidious as distributivity increases.
All three maps interact according to the distributivity law
The algebraic properties-commutativity, associativity, distributivity and complimentation-of fuzzy sets are the same as for ordinary sets (i.
With the introduction of just the negative integers things start to get weird: the associativity of addition and the distributivity of multiplication over addition only hold within bounds, for, with large enough numerals, an intermediate calculation may take one off the page in one bracketing while the other proceeds smoothly.
It can be shown that these definitions of fuzzy union and intersection are the only ones that naturally extend the corresponding standard set theory notions by satisfying all the usual requirements of associativity, commutativity, idempotency, and distributivity (Lemaire, 1990).
The multiplication is extended to all elements in [mathematical expression not reproducible] by associativity and distributivity.
On classes of ordered algebras and quasiorder distributivity.