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list of names to whom a communication should be sent

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If you wish to be included on either distribution list please contact the ASIMS helpdesk on maa-asims@mod.
has been a beta test site for the new FacetPhone voice mail distribution lists.
If people want mass distribution lists, the technocrats will create the lists and give them access.
Among the new features are Sticky Notes support, a two-level spam rating system, and private Distribution Lists.
One of the first things she looked at was restricting access to the ATO's large distribution lists.
Provide selective migration of custom recipients (contacts), mailboxes, distribution lists and public folders between Exchange organisations.
Voice-mail systems' typically complex and proprietary user interfaces make voice-mail distribution list (SDL) changes -- member additions and deletions to distribution lists -- the domain of trained telecom experts, who accomplish this time-consuming, error-prone process manually.
0 of its ActiveDL(TM) software tool which automates the creation and maintenance of distribution lists for Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) Exchange messaging and collaboration application.
SmartDL 2000 is a server-side application that creates and updates Microsoft Exchange distribution lists through user-defined queries.
A practical example of the functionality's use is assigning sole discretion to the "data manager" to access and upload distribution lists into MagnetMail to insure organizational compliance with CAN-SPAM regulations.
5 includes topology and inventory reports that allow you to quickly summarize servers, sites, mailboxes, public folders, custom recipients, connectors, distribution lists, and other key Microsoft Exchange system components.
500 directory services, distribution lists, support for postal delivery services and security.
Message blast lets BlackBerry users send one message to distribution lists that can include addressees using pagers, cell phones, PDAs, and desktop computers.
These tools include a RMS global address book, corporate distribution lists and a range of company-specific solution configurations.
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