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Synonyms for inferno

Synonyms for inferno

any place of pain and turmoil

a very intense and uncontrolled fire

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Brocade switches are based on the Brocade Fabric OS(TM), which is an intelligent distributed operating system for Brocade-based SANs.
SpiritWave Real-Time provides an adaptable, intelligent, uniform and message-centric distributed operating system that allows organizations to link disparate resources in order to optimize workloads and provide computational and data resources "on-the-fly" across enterprise boundaries.
Through the Brocade API, VERITAS Software gains access to the value-added management capabilities and services of the Fabric OS, a robust, distributed operating system for Brocade-based SANs.
Fabric OS is a robust, distributed operating system for BROCADE-based SANs and runs on the BROCADE SilkWorm(R) family of Fibre Channel switches.
The CD includes the QNX realtime distributed operating system, the Photon microGUI(R) embeddable windowing system, a full TCP/IP stack, Sybase's Watcom C/C++ compilers, and a variety of other tools for building embedded systems.
In the first decade after the foundation, we have been focusing on research in distributed operating systems, computer networks, programming languages, human-computer interaction, and other fundamental aspects of cutting edge research.
Members of Parascale's founding engineering team have successfully delivered distributed operating systems and distributed file systems for companies including Sun (Sun Cluster), HP (Open SSI), Teradata (Teradata RDBMS), and IBM (AIX TCF).
Revenue from sales of its software on Unix, NT and other distributed operating systems accelerated further at 35% years over year to reach $816m in the quarter.
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