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Synonyms for distortion

Synonyms for distortion

a change for the worse

an optical phenomenon resulting from the failure of a lens or mirror to produce a good image

a change (usually undesired) in the waveform of an acoustic or analog electrical signal

the act of distorting something so it seems to mean something it was not intended to mean

the mistake of misrepresenting the facts

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Instead, difficulty was manipulated by changing the number of dots involved in the dot distortions (hereafter referred to as dot count).
A passive distortion of this archetype is "the weak king" who is confused, diffident, unwilling or unable to lead, and "controlled by the Queen.
One of the major items causing distortion in the value of domestic and foreign assets is depreciation.
To investigate this possibility, Benigno and Wood-ford extend the analysis of Erceg, Henderson, and Levin by using a model in which the steady-state level of output under a zero-inflation policy is sub-optimal because of tax distortions and market power.
It also considers various sources of signal degradation to include coding distortions, errors, packet loss, delay, jitter and filtering.
9) While his report contained a wealth of information, it also set out specific data relative to perceptual and memory distortions.
NIST in Boulder has designed and built ultra-low-phase-noise reference clocks operating at 10 MHz and 100 MHz in which periodic and quasi-periodic spurious signals and half-period distortions are lower than any other reference source ever demonstrated.
Constructing a projection apparatus using a concave mirror, Hackney replicated the spatial distortions that have baffled countless observers of these works.
His objective was to "give an idea at a glance of the exaggerations and distortions of a few of the best-known projections.
The air-curable seals and gaskets are said to eliminate profile distortions traditionally associated with the autoclave curing process, while still delivering the outstanding chemical, corrosion and heat resistance normally associated with fluoroelastomer-based polymers.
Painted in nostalgic colors (yellowed whites, chalky blues and greens), his landscapes and genre scenes are full of distortions and fragments.
The 10-meter instrument had recently been outfitted with a rapidly adjustable mirror designed to minimize the distortions imposed by Earth's turbulent atmosphere.
Obviously, this model is still quite far from our experience of day-to-day reality in health care for the three most common distortion reasons: (1) distribution channel distortions; (2) marketing distortions; and (3) lack of sufficient undistorted customer feedback when customers only tell us what they think it is that we want to hear.
The graphs in this article show distortions for several operations: constant spindle speed with no axes motion; variable spindle speed between 0 rpm and maximum throughout the test period with no axes motion; and repeat execution of a CNC program containing most machine functions, complete spindle-speed range, and full axes travels.
Soviet Military Power fails because of distortions and irrelevancies and because it does not explain the significance of the facts and trends presented.