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a British military decoration for special service in action

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The 184 awards include five Conspicuous Gallantry Crosses, five Distinguished Service Orders, 28 Military Crosses and three Distinguished Flying Crosses.
By the end of the war he rose to become the regiment's lieutenant-colonel bringing back two Distinguished Service Orders and the Military Cross.
Their role of honour included a double Victoria Cross, six Distinguished Service Orders, 32 Military Crosses, 20 Distinguished Conduct Medals and 133 Military Medals.
Due to his outstanding service, he was nicknamed "Six Medals" by gaining two Distinguished Service Orders and four Distinguished Flying Crosses.
Three received Distinguished Flying Crosses, five were given Conspicuous Gallantry Crosses, five got Distinguished Service Orders and 28 Military Crosses were awarded.
It is to be named after Middlesbrough-born Wing Commander, Andrew Warburton, who was decorated with two distinguished service orders and four distinguished flying medals during the Second World War.
His collection included four Distinguished Service Orders, the Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Force Cross and awards from France, Iraq, Denmark and the Netherlands.
He gained two Distinguished Service Orders and four Distinguished Flying Crosses.
As well as the two Victoria Crosses, they also won two Distinguished Service Orders, five Distinguished Conduct Medals, five Military Crosses and 12 Military Medals for gallantry.
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