Distinguished Service Order

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a British military decoration for special service in action

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f r "This campaign only lasted for 10 days before the British units returned to their own sector but in that time they had covered themselves in glory and, moreover, Jack had been awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO), although he had been wounded on July 22, 1918 (remaining at duty), during this phase.
O'Meara 64 Squadron "ORANGE" O'Meara was a Spitfire ace who was awarded the Distinguished Service Order and the Distinguished Flying Cross & Bar.
As the nation and the city continues its remembrance of World War I, this will be a fitting tribute to a man who led troops from around the region into battle and was awarded, amongst other medals, the Distinguished Service Order.
Wingate won the Distinguished Service Order in Palestine, leading Special Night Squads against Arab insurrectionists who were assassinating British officials and Jewish settlers during the period 1936-1938.
But, despite also having a reputation for crashing aircraft on landing, he went on to win the Military Cross, the Distinguished Flying Cross and bar and the Distinguished Service Order, recording 21 victories in just three months while flying the Royal Aircraft Factory SE 5 during World War I, a faster kill rate than any other pilot in the war.
He was awarded a CBE along with the Distinguished Service Order and Distinguished Flying Cross with Bar.
To commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the conflict, Mayann the Welsh cob will be outside the Scala in Prestatyn with his owner Ifor Roberts, who will be wearing the uniform of Lieutenant Colonel Roland Stuart Forestier-Walker, commander of the Royal Monmouth Royal Engineers, who saw active service in the Boer War and The Great War and was awarded the Distinguished service order, Queens South African medal and medals for his service during the Great War.
In September 1916 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order "for conspicuous gallantry, resource, and endurance .
Leigh Fermor was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his action, which reportedly sparked the infamous Nazi order to execute captured Allied commandos.
Mr Cole Snr, who died in 1991, earned a Distinguished Service Order commanding British troops in Burma, and was a former deputy lieutenant of Oxford.
Lieutenant Colonel Nick Kitson, of The 3rd Battalion The Rifles, was given the Distinguished Service Order for "indomitable" leadership in "the most hostile of circumstances".
In early 1918 he was awarded the prestigious Distinguished Service Order.
Payne's Commanding Officer at the time, Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Mendonca, awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his leadership in Iraq, although not directly accused of abusing detainees was described by Payne as being "gung-ho and trigger happy".
Stenhouse also emerged with a chest full of medals, including the Distinguished Service Order, Distinguished Service Cross and France's Croix de Guerre.
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