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an odd or unusual characteristic

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Leveraging the handheld system's distinctive features including the dazzling dual-screen design, each game boasts features that could only be experienced on the unique Nintendo console.
This report provides a closer look at the distinctive features of European wealth management market.
It's interesting to hear about the distinctive features of Japanese high-speed rail, which parallels the needs for California: safety, high-efficiency and environmentally-friendly.
The review also gave high marks to BorderWare's MXtreme for its distinctive features over CipherTrust's IronMail(R) including MXtreme's Common Criteria EAL4+ security certification, sophisticated anti-spam engines, and advanced management and failover capabilities.
The distinctive features are that the observe side has the coat of Arms (Khanjar), the name of the country (Sultanate of Oman), the name of Central Bank of Oman, and face value in Arabic and English.
The distinctive features, specifications and indicative selling price of this coin are mentioned below; however the price is subject to change in accordance with the variations in the prices of silver in the International market.
Many 1930s pre-war and 1950s post-war 'Jagger' homes have distinctive features such as curved bay windows, arched doors and Art Deco styling, while the name Jagger automatically conferred a label of quality on a proper ty.
Milanoo owes its development of its distinctive features to clear positioning.
Workbook for the identification of phonological processes and distinctive features, 4th ed.
They are intended to make full use of the Avro Business Jet's distinctive features, such as its large rear-opening freight door and high level of interior space.
Head chef Guy Day said: "Just like a good wine, great chocolate has distinctive features which complements savoury cooking very well and isn't too rich or overpowering.
We named these components Distinctive Features (Doicin, 2001; 2002).
Forms of life," argued one designer on the witness stand, "began abruptly through an intelligent agency, with their distinctive features already intact, fish with fins and scales, birds with feathers, beaks, and wings.
The Morris Companies completely renovated the property in 1988 and converted it into an award-winning apartment complex that retained much of its historic character and architecturally distinctive features.
Galaxy Brushes also supplies Can Brushes, Pencil Brushes, and Flat Wire Pig Brushes with distinctive features that make them the Razorback Line.