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a purified liquid produced by condensation from a vapor during distilling


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With no imminent reform in subsides on transport fuel, it is no surprise that gasoline will be the driver of growth in light distillates consumption.
Experiments were conducted to compare HDS degrees of shale oil distillate over Ni-W and Co-Mo catalysts at different temperatures, pressures, LHSVs and hydrogen/feedstock ratios.
This high impact water-white distillate livens up a multitude of beverage applications, including clear alcoholic and non-alcoholic options plus juices and juice drinks.
There is a ban in Kazakhstan on the export of some products such as light distillates and products, kerosene, gas oil as well as other petroleum products.
The giant Jubail refinery in Saudi Arabia will now target to export middle distillates to Asia when it starts operating in 2013, according to a senior executive with the joint venture partner Total.
Additional mitigating actions were taken during the repair period to reduce the overall impact of the fire, such as advancing planned maintenance outages, managing the timing of distillate sales, and mining lower grade oil sands.
The full report, "What's Behind Distillates Recent Outperformance?
Magellan Midstream Partners may build a pipeline extension connecting its network to its terminals in central Arkansas, where the imminent shutdown of a separate distillate pipeline has raised serious concerns about supply in the state.
Distillates dropped for a seventh-straight week, shedding 1.
It is the latest in the Treattarome range of FTNF water-soluble distillates, other products in the range include distillates from various fruits, vegetables and crop sources including tropical passion fruit, guava, banana, water melon and cantaloupe melon.
Sugar Treattorome 9806 is the latest in a range of FTNF water-soluble distillates.
The 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) complex refinery, now under construction, had been meant to export gasoline to the US and middle distillates to Europe since plans for construction were tabled in 2005.
Demand for light and middle distillates such as gasoline, kerosene and diesel was increasing globally along with higher interest in the environment, while demand for bunker-C oil and heavy oil products was decreasing, GS Caltex said.
Mykolaiv, 54,036 during 2015; LOT 3 Mineral oil light, light distillates, n.