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a purified liquid produced by condensation from a vapor during distilling


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Stocks of light distillates also fell, dropping 12.
On the other hand, stocks of light distillates rose 2.
Main features: the work under this contract, are part of a distillate operational objective on the site FLUXEL of Fos sur Mer.
Some analysts have spoken about the possibility of 'economic run cuts' to limit the production of distillates.
Opportunities to move distillates to Europe have been supported over the past month by a widening spread between the gasoil contracts underpinning the pricing of distillates in the markets East and West of Suez.
Since the majority of the Saudi refinery capacity was built before 1990, such assets are older and less advanced and therefore produce a large proportion of lower value heavy distillates (such as fuel oil) comparative to other regions.
According to the resolution, quantitative restrictions to the amount of 100,000 tons were set for the export of light distillates.
However, distillate inventories which usually must build up before the winter have been falling.
The 400,000 barrels per day (bpd) complex refinery, now under construction, had been meant to export gasoline to the United States and middle distillates to Europe since plans for construction were tabled in 2005.
Ginger Treattarome 9745 is the latest addition to Treatt's innovative range of 100% natural FTNF distillates.
00-50 as the top of the range due to a slowdown in distillate demand.
Deep hydrotreating of middle distillates from crude and shale oils // Catal.
Distillate cracks will strengthen further with the economyWith indicators suggesting continued improvements in global economic activity and industrial production firming up, we reiterate our positive view on Atlantic Basin middle distillates.
Apricot Treattarome 9853 is the latest addition to Treatt's expanding portfolio of 100% natural distillates.
LONDON: Oil fell yesterday, edging away from record highs near $127 a barrel after Iran assured it had no plans to cut exports and US inventory showed a rise in supplies of distillates.