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a course offered (by mail) by a correspondence school

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The processes by which health educators create and share information about distance education are relevant to the communication channels.
The CHED shall act as the regulator of HEIs involved in open learning and distance education.
He said Distance Education has started various programmes including Master and Bachelor in Education, Economics, Political Science, Arabic and English for facilitation of outreach students who could not get admission in universities or postgraduate colleges due to some reasons.
Also, for a true distance education application, there must be some restriction on the number of registered students and the application must be supported by some associated educational functions.
Distance education administrators polled by the ITC cited the struggle to provide student services as their most pressing issue.
We use distance education technologies to offer courses in rural areas; we deliver teacher certification courses and graduate programs by distance education; and we use distance education technologies to enhance our "live" classroom teaching.
To learn more about distance education, visit nees.
The effectiveness of distance education is related to the effective design of online courses.
Moore's (1987) theories of transactional distance education are used as a theoretical framework, and the study applies a systems analysis to this specific online program (Moore & Kearsley, 2004).
He managed ACU's distance education efforts for more than eight years, helping establish the initial strategic planning documents and the university's first online courses.
The survey asked whether there were any public elementary or secondary school students in the district enrolled in distance education courses.
Integrating ALN into an independent study distance education program: NVCC case studies.
Petracchi defines defines distance education as "all types of formal instruction conducted when teachers and students are located a geographic distance from one another" (2000).
College Boreal has won four awards from three national and provincial associations in distance education.
Officer Professional Military Education Distance Education Program: The CCE offers the Command and Staff College and Expeditionary Warfare School Distance Education Seminar Programs <http://www.
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