distal muscular dystrophy

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a form of muscular dystrophy that sets in between 40 and 60 years of age and is characterized by weakness and wasting of the muscles of the hands and forearms and lower legs

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What was unwholesome to him he regarded as unfit for any body; and he had, therefore, earnestly tried to dissuade them from having any weddingcake at all, and when that proved vain, as earnestly tried to prevent any body's eating it.
Jennings, one so earnestly grateful, so full of respect and kind wishes as seemed due to her own heart from a secret acknowledgment of past inattention, and bidding Colonel Brandon farewell with a cordiality of a friend, was carefully assisted by him into the carriage, of which he seemed anxious that she should engross at least half.
While earnestly wishing to erase from his mind the trace of my former offence, I had stamped on that tenacious surface another and far deeper impression, I had burnt it in.
Let me earnestly recommend you not to follow me to Baliol Cottage, until I have had time to write to you first, and to give you such advice as I cannot, through ignorance of all the circumstances, pretend to offer now.
Dear Grandfather," repeated the little girl, more earnestly, "do talk to us again about your chair.
It necessarily follows from what has been said, that some things should be ready at hand and others procured by the legislator; for which reason in founding a city we earnestly wish that there may be plenty of those things which are supposed to be under the dominion of fortune (for some things we admit her to be mistress over); but for a state to be worthy and great is not only the work of fortune but of knowledge and judgment also.
Forget it, my dear; forget all my foolishness," pleaded the King, earnestly.
I begin to think," remarked the Tin Woodman as he looked earnestly at the Saw-Horse, "that wonders will never cease
Why, I'm not so little as I used to be," answered the boy earnestly.
He thought of these things earnestly, even wistfully, and yet he knew that he could not go.
They looked earnestly to discover whom this queen might be, and saw advancing up the room an exquisite wax doll dressed in dainty fluffs and ruffles and spangled gown.
The bird entreated earnestly for his life: "What would you do without me when next you spread your nets?
I sat up, earnestly damning the management of that unthinkable hotel, and was about to spring from the bed to go and make trouble for the night- clerk--him of the apologetic manner and the tallow candle--when something in the situation affected me with a strange indisposition to move.
Sometimes I lie still a long time, looking at the dog as earnestly as the dog looks at me--I always leave the light going.
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