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Synonyms for acetaminophen

an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammation

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Disprol Soluble Paracetamol Tablets took to the local airwaves this week in its first ad campaign on the radio.
Disprol Junior soluble paracetamol tablets, claimed by Reckitt & Colman to be the number one, junior analgesic in grocers, were relaunched in September with a major graphic redesign.
The gig went ahead, but the Fleapit trio, Junior Disprol, SecondSon and Uppacut are unhappy with one or two things regarding the album release and would rather wait until the whole package comes up to Fleapit standards.
Opening with Rhyme Hungry he ripped through the EP with gusto, calling on all the EP's collaborators - Junior Disprol (Fleapit), Nobsta Nutts and Potato Skins' Ruffstyles to grab the mic and lend colourful support , ending with a chaotic freestyle free-for-all micfest.
I'll be performing all the tracks of Rhyme Hungry at the launch party next Thursday and all those who collaborated, Junior Disprol, Ruffstylz, Keltech and Headcase Ladz will be giving me a hand.
Fleapits Junior Disprol collaborated on the EP as did Nobstanutts from Swansea's Head Case Ladz and Potato Skinz' Ruffstylz.