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Synonyms for acetaminophen

an analgesic for mild pain but not for inflammation

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She said: "We were given some Disprol and sent home.
Disprol soluble paracetamol tablets (97p for 16 tablets) Put the tablets in water and swallow when dissolved.
DJ Switch is to release Long Range Audio Artillery, while recent signing The Dark Craftsmen are also set to bring out their debut LP on Drop Zone Records, entitled No Shadows On Your Sundial, which features Eastborn and Junior Disprol.
I trusted them andgave Courtney Junior Disprol which masked her pain.
The mother said, "As no doctor had seen my son, I could not understand how they could prescribe disprol, so I did not collect it.
4 TOP 5 CHILDREN'S MEDICINES 1 1 Calpol Johnson & Johnson 2 2 Nurofen Reckitt Benckiser 3 3 Medised SSL International 4 4 Calprofen Johnson & Johnson 5 5 Disprol Reckitt Benckiser TOP 5 CHILDREN'S MEDICINES 2006 SALES (m [pounds sterling]) TOTAL CATEGORY VALUE 65.