sanitary napkin

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a disposable absorbent pad (trade name Kotex)

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Table 6 exhibits statistically significant association between SES and practices such as use of disposable pads (P=0.
You can combine systems with reusable pants and disposable pads.
When the disposable pads go to landfill, their volume is a fraction of disposables and leach no chemicals into the soil.
Other new products from Clorox are Pump'N Clean for kitchen and bathroom and ScrubSingles, flexible, disposable pads preloaded with Clorox cleaners.
Total quantity or scope: The scope of the contract, in particular, include non-sterile gauze, sterile gauze, drapes operational gauze, knitted ties, plasters, dressings, adhesive plasters, sterile surgical kits, diapers, surgical films, bands gypsum, lignin, surgical tape, operating drapes, gowns Surgical drapes sets the operating field, covers, surgical caps, aprons hygiene, bed sheets and disposable pads, nets to hold dressings, aprons and pads used in the preparation of cytostatics.
A variety of switchable pads are available - including Scour, Sponge, Bristle and Disposable Pads - so no matter the mess or surface, cleaning can be tailored to fit the consumers' preferred method of cleaning.
The company claims more mothers are breastfeeding, and the disposable pads retail at [pound]2.
The product is ideal for active women involved in sports and travel, women with sensitivities to tampons or disposable pads and women who desire comfort and ease during their periods.
The disposable pads are free of unpleasant odors and contain a water-repellent protecting ingredient.
InnerCool's new external temperature modulation system, which will include a console and disposable pads, is designed to provide a complementary tool for use in less-acute patients and in clinical settings that do not require very rapid cooling or re-warming, or which are best suited to prolonged temperature management.
With Swiffer WetJet's disposable pads you don't have to worry about germs, you just throw them away.
High-speed machine for Bed Underpads, Pet Disposable Pads and Changing pads, called FI-U Premium: This machine features a very high production speed and has been designed to manufacture a very wide range of different fluff core weights from an incredibly low-cost 36 g/sqm to a heavier 200 g/sqm.