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tableware implements for cutting and eating food

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Nonetheless, imports are a significant factor for some personal-care items; disposable cutlery, plates, and bowls; and lids, caps, and closures remains a standard practice in these markets.
The takeover of the Sushi Packaging Division of MG Plastics and the earlier acquisition of Stadium Disposable mean that Tri-Star is now supplying everything from sushi and salad containers to serviettes and disposable cutlery, and anything in between.
Finding green cutlery is harder and plastic, disposable cutlery is an environmental evil.
Every effort is being made to rectify the problem and in the mean time disposable cutlery and crockery is being used.
Their glam little goodies (from pounds 7 to pounds 16 per person) come with napkins and disposable cutlery in throwaway containers.
The party supplies on offer range from the fun to the practical, with popular treats available alongside disposable cutlery and other catering supplies.
Her family has continued to be eco-friendly by eliminating the use of disposable cutlery, closing the tap when brushing their teeth and turning off their lights when not in the room.
Injection moldable compounds of starch and polylactic acid (PLA) biopolymer are aimed at disposable cutlery and packaging.
The takeover of Stadium Disposables means that Tri-Star is now supplying everything from Sushi and salad containers to serviettes and disposable cutlery, as well as everything in between.
The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) list of bio-based products so designated includes disposable cutlery, plastic films (used for compostable bags), and plastic packaging containers.
As part of this proposed rulemaking, minimum standards for biobased content have been set for these products, which include three categories of products for which Cereplast produces resins -- biodegradable films, biodegradable disposable cutlery and biodegradable containers.
In addition to durable consumer articles, such as vases, watering cans, trays, bottles, tops, bags and containers of all kinds, it is also suited for production of disposable items, such as disposable cutlery and packaging (up to 80 microns) and for filaments and brushes of all types.
A new generation of biodegradable polymers is going beyond conventional applications like bags and disposable cutlery and packaging.
Other applications for Mater-Bi(tm) comprise biodegradable bags for the differentiated collection of waste, disposable cutlery, biodegradable film for agricultural mulching, pet products and hygiene (cotton buds, packaging for toilet paper, nappies).