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Synonyms for display

Synonyms for display

to make a public and usually ostentatious show of

to be endowed with as a visible characteristic or form

to give expression to, as by gestures, facial aspects, or bodily posture

an act of showing or displaying

an impressive or ostentatious exhibition

Synonyms for display

something intended to communicate a particular impression

something shown to the public

a visual representation of something

behavior that makes your feelings public

attract attention by displaying some body part or posing

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After initialization procedures, the application, using DISPLAYER, displays the screen as shown in Figure 2a, and then activates window (3) by calling EDITOR with CURRENT_WINDOW equal to 3.
This LED Entry/Patio light table top displayer is interactive and allows the customer to switch the light on and off.
The Five Flavor Wood Chip Displayer holds 60 units of single-use, two-pound bags of wood chips in five different flavors: Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Cherry and Alder.
2, different kinds of learning object units will be executed using different displayer, and if the type of vertex is examination activity, the concept scores will be recorded in learner model (LM) after testing.
A displayer assortment will include one in line displayer that holds 12 boxes and features two right angle flags, four coupon pads and two wobblers.
Marketed by Plus Mark, the seasonal business unit of American Greetings, the cards can be cross-merchandised throughout the store utilizing a prepacked, three-shell floor displayer or a shelf tray.
The pre-treated, disposable cloth duster comes shrink-wrapped in a self-service displayer.
AG's checkout foray consists of an "Optimum" movable outpost displayer, which can serve as a lane blocker with 108 pockets and a smaller version with 55 pockets, plus an eightpocket spinner in test, which can be attached to most front-end fixtures.
Self-merchandising counter top or shelf displayer allows customers to interact with the light.
Also new is our Twisted Whiskers collection, a 32-SKU temporary program merchandised in a 2-foot in-line displayer.
Another option is to install a ClickShare Base Unit (for Barco s meeting and collaboration system) or a DISplayer (Barco dzine s digital signage media player) inside the structure.
Has a wide variety of applications--home, picnic, cottage, patio, office, workshop, or retail store displayer.
These include a clip strip for bagged nuts and a freestanding "nut tree" dump displayer that can be positioned anywhere in the store.
Opposite the service case is a combination rotisserie/self-service displayer for hot chicken and roasted pork loins.
The following companies will be showcasing their technologies: Aradiom, Bio-Key, Feitian, Nordic Edge, Portwise, Smart Displayer, Spyrus and VeriSign.