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Synonyms for display

Synonyms for display

to make a public and usually ostentatious show of

to be endowed with as a visible characteristic or form

to give expression to, as by gestures, facial aspects, or bodily posture

an act of showing or displaying

an impressive or ostentatious exhibition

Synonyms for display

something intended to communicate a particular impression

something shown to the public

a visual representation of something

behavior that makes your feelings public

attract attention by displaying some body part or posing

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It is characterized by the clear dominance of the displayers and the submissiveness of target birds.
She adds “When I am stocking my displayers, customers often come to me asking if I'm the business owner and then telling me how much their dog absolutely loves my treats and wants no others
All the top professional displayers get going in October and it would be rude not to join them.
In terms of the number of displayers, this year's 16th event is 13 percent bigger than last year, according to Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
Art and design workers, such as graphic designers, merchandise displayers and window trimmers, and art directors.
They are available for sale by case, in six-pack wooden racks, shaker/grinder combo displayers and coming for the fall, 12-pack display racks," says Aldon Reed, vice president, sales.
Samsung, the world's top maker of memory chips and liquid crystal displayers, posted its first-ever quarterly net loss in January as a sharp downturn battered its memory chip unit.
This 'redivision of labour' (Wells, 1999), whereby students took on more of the responsibility for the meaning-making of the discourse, repositioned students as worthy conversational partners rather than mere displayers of received knowledge, and resulted in more extended responses from students.
Thanks to sports celebrities Tanni Grey-Thompson, Alison Curbishley, Steve Cram, commentator Jeff Winter and all the other entertainers and displayers for attending and supporting.
Trumpeter Jay Phelps and alto saxophonist Nathaniel Facey are both acrobatic solo displayers, cutting and fiery and not shying away from extended bouts of self-expression.
They function as acquirers, conservators and displayers of Jordan's heritage while their communication with the community and their educational role in the National Curriculum is relatively absent.
The taxpayer's operations are primarily confined to Texas, but its products are sold to displayers located in all 50 states.
In fact, he put up one of the gutsiest displayers by a losing golfer anyone will ever see.
It turned the clock back to the restrictive folderol of La Belle apoque, and evoked alarmingly regressive models of femaleness: women as passive sex objects, displayers of their men's wealth and status ( women who needed to be helped into cabs, who required huge trunks in order to travel with their finery, and maids to help them dress.
Acrylic displayers with store coupons are attached to the windows.