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a desktop digital computer that is conventionally considered to be more powerful than a microcomputer

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In clinical settings such as intensive care, UCLA physicians report that they have improved care by viewing images on computer display stations directly.
The first requirement at the display station is to convert the data originating in polar co-ordinate format from the rotating antenna to the XY co-ordinate format needed for computer display.
Sessions are designed to be informal and will include a series of display stations that will give the public an opportunity to ask questions and offer comments regarding the DCNR's proposal to lease natural-gas rights.
Product designs include economically priced thin clients, host print software, print servers, display stations and data stream conversion devices.
Each radar system contains two shelters -- one houses the radar transmitter, receiver and signal processor, and the other houses the display stations.
Specifically, each incorporates over 125 plant systems and a sophisticated plant information system with over 25 graphical display stations within the control room," said Dr.
Providing the most commonly used kitchen functionality in a quick service environment through a simplified configurator for up to six display stations, users of the ePic KDX gain rapid configuration and implementation at a reduced cost, as well as an easy upgrade path to the ePic KDS should business requirements advance in the future.
An automated engine control system which monitors nearly 6,000 different points to verify all areas are operating within set limits will be linked to several graphic display stations on the bridge and in the engine control room.
Additional display stations featured art and information about the Orange County Great Park and the community planning process now underway.
This will protect customers' investments in SNA 3270 display stations, printers, and other peripheral devices while increasing their access to emerging open systems.
visitors are invited to tour 12 poster display stations.
com), a leading worldwide supplier of network-based multiple-screen display stations and display wall controllers, which has implemented StarFabric in its new Fusion 980 display wall controller; -- SeaChange International (www.
com) is considered the leading worldwide supplier of network-based multiple-screen display stations and display wall controllers.
In place of point-to-point wiring and distribution boards, the distribution server uses standard commercial off-the-shelf Ethernet networks and proprietary digital compression technology to distribute video from a radar source to any number of display stations.