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(computer science) an electronic device that converts information in memory to video output to a display

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With the size and format of a traditional credit card, the Display Card has a button that, when pressed, generates a random numeric password.
The machine principle is based on two indexing conveyors, one feeds bags to a pick and place mechanism, the other delivers the display card to be filled.
the largest manufacturer of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transponders on the island, is poised to ramp up production of its smart display cards, according to industry sources.
The flexibility and power of modern PCs also means that with the addition of suitable display cards and monitors, the server can display the incoming radar, thus providing a low-cost radar head monitor for servicing and maintenance purposes.
I-Color supports simultaneous real-time display via real-time transfer of images directly to display card memory or via image transfer over the VIP/VMI over-the-top bus to industry-standard display cards.
For PC, requires a 386 processor running at 33 MHz with 8 MB RAM, Super VGA display card and a double-speed CD-ROM drive; also for Macintosh.
Display driver, commonly called the display card or display board.
Standard Chartered Bank, Ezio Display Card (Photo: Business Wire)
As PCs get faster, information is passed between the processor, RAM and display card at ever-increasing speeds.
A display card, cut out and static sticker are included.
The kits include banners, pennant strings and display card schedules to keep track of the local team.
The Golden Pixie for 'Best Ultra High-End Open GL Display Card' goes to the Wildcat development team from 3Dlabs for their Wildcat 4210 card -- the beef-boy of all OpenGL display cards," continued Plantec.
Master Lock brand gun locks sold separately were packaged with a green and black cardboard display card and instruction sheets inside the package.
SINGAPORE -- MasterCard Worldwide, in collaboration with Standard Chartered Bank Singapore, has unveiled Singapore's first interactive payment card, or security token card, using MasterCard's Display Card technology, heralding the next generation of payment cards.
The RSA SecurID(R) Display Card is designed to enable secure access for financial services firms' customers while striking the right balance between risk, cost and convenience