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I know it is a displacement activity which is very bad for my backside but I started it earlier this year and can't stop - as my muffin top will confirm.
DISPLACEMENT activity is something we're all guilty of.
Shoes have become a kind of mass feminine displacement activity.
In business, the displacement activity of choice is meetings.
My own displacement activity was to ponder the headline punning potential of Rico's hat-trick - Getting into Gear, Third Gear, Top Gear, etc, etc.
YEARS ago, whenever my grandmother saw something unpalatable on her television screen she would shuffle uncomfortably on the settee, re-arrange the anti-macassar as a displacement activity and proclaim ``This is a lot of soft.
Aaaanyway, I bought a new handle, ooh, about six months ago, but it was only during today's mad rush of displacement activity that I got round to putting it on.