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United States film maker who pioneered animated cartoons and created such characters as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

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It is the Disneyesque take on what, more than forty years ago, in the midst of the bitter Vietnam War (or the American War, as the Vietnamese rightly call it) can only have been unimaginable hell.
Disneyesque magic mirrors may bring out the kid in everyone, but Bishop offers a simpler solution to brighten any senior citizen's day--easy-to-read shelf tags.
In her Huffington Post blog post, "You Don't Have to Wear White: Rethinking Those Disneyesque Marriage Traditions," J.
But what tonight's game may not have is its Disneyesque happy ending.
And let's not forget Dasher and Dancer and their mates who trotted into a kind of Disneyesque immortality.
Coun Stockdale, having wiped his eyes, then proceeded to provide his own speculative imaginings on the wonderful disneyesque world which will magically appear should the Quality Contracts proposal come to fruition.
What's more, people can spot a fake Disneyesque place from miles away.
Over the mountain, spread after spread in this colourful book, is an impossible variety of landscapes thickly populated by a myriad of cute Disneyesque creatures--chipmunks, deer, squirrels in alpine forests; chameleons and toucans in equatorial rainforests, penguins on Antarctic ice; exotic animals stampeding across African veldt; sharks, seals and whales in the ocean, disco- dancing bats and rats in caves.
com)-- "Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox" is a cute story with disneyesque, yet thoroughly modern artwork, offering a fun and simple lesson for tying a "school boy knot" in a tie.
Ideas that included Disneyesque elements like castles and dinosaurs were thrown out early.
It's a perfect example of the "storybook style" from the 1930s, where whimsy ruled and Disneyesque cuteness was the aim.
Max Foran suggests in his work on the Calgary Stampede that "some see it as a 'ten-day party,' a Disneyesque sham, and a commercial rip-off.
In spite of UNESCO's undertakings to maintain international standards for the conservation of the monument, Central Java's governor, General Mardiyanto, reintroduced a huge public works project in 2003, that would sweep all the local vendors away and replace them with a large-scale Disneyesque development called "Jagad Java" (Java World), and a three-storey mall.
I don't mind eating them because I don't have a Disneyesque view of chooks as being feathered people with human feelings.
Aimed at the family market, it follows various big cats (with Disneyesque names) as they fight to survive in the African outback.