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an amusement park in Anaheim created in 1955 by Walt Disney

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I want Disney land to be a place where parents can bring their children - or come by themselves and still have a good time.
The organisation, along with the Scott Ward Memorial Fund, raises money for children with the incurable condition and is helping to send Phoebe and Lauren to Disney Land.
We are also working on rehabilitating the Rashid Karami international fairground in Tripoli so as to transform it into a resort similar to Disney Land and its ilk," he said, stressing the need to encourage environmental tourism in the country by undertaking the development of a number of islands off the coast of Tripoli.
Oriental Land, the operator of Tokyo Disney Land, shed 40 yen, or 0.
Isao Tsuchiya, a 51-year-old office worker from Yokohama, said before heading to Hong Kong with his family, ''My two daughters are looking forward to visiting Disney Land.
London, Nov 26 (ANI): Michael Douglas, who recently went through painful radiation and chemotherapy for his cancer treatment, took some time off to spend a day with his family in Disney Land.
In our Disney Land Paris package, two children below seven are offered free stay.
She held a live concert at the Marriot Hotel in Disney Land to a full house, drawing fans from various locations in the US.
He also talked about the literal metaphoric representations characterizing several large scale developments, as well as high rise projects, iconic architecture, and themed developments inspired by Disney Land and Las Vegas scenarios.
Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Hamm all pop up as you use your spring-action shooter to throw virtual projectiles at targets and rack up points, similar to the Buzz Light year attraction at Disney land Paris.
Of the high-profile names on view, I would be against Mike Weir, who has never shone in this tournament and is paying his first visit to Disney Land for five years, Chris DiMarco, only one top-ten in ten appearances, Charles Howell III - or Chucky Threesticks as they call him - and Singh.
Wasn't he that guy from the Simon and Garfunkel song The truth was that Britain had been awarded a false nostalgia, a fake history as real as an amble round Disney Land.
It transforms anything you stick it in front of - Disney land, Disney shop, Disney movie.
However, having heard about her hysterectomy, people with fat bums in Disney land (yes, she's absolutely on the money there), ringing medical helplines and having a black pantie-liner with wings stuck to her face thinking it was a flip-top mobile phone, I must say I'm a fan.