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United States film maker who pioneered animated cartoons and created such characters as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

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Patrick Disney's grandfather, Roy Disney, Walt Disney's brother and partner, built a house in Toluca Lake in 1934.
Mr Eisner has been under attack from Roy Disney, Walt Disney's nephew, and his associate Stanley Gold, who resigned from Disney two months ago and have been calling for the chief executive to quit.
com is presented in partnership with Hollywood Records, Walt Disney Records, Radio Disney, Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.
Disney, Walt Disney's nephew and former board member who has blogged his distaste for Eisner's leadership.
Sidney Poitier, Walt Disney's Roy Disney, Walt Disney Studio's Richard Cook, Producer Sherry Lansing, Nick Cannon, Dakota Fanning, Recording Artist and Actress Renee Olstead Among Honorees and Presenters at Beverly Hilton Hotel