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United States film maker who pioneered animated cartoons and created such characters as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck

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Pixar was only committed to partner with Disney through 2006 and announced itself open to a distribution deal with other studios.
Disney, which already had a $190,000 judgment against him, sought to have him fined another $10,000 and imprisoned for six months.
Although a confessed Disneyphile and the beneficiary of unprecedented cooperation from both the Disney Archive and the Disney family, Watts has produced an admirably even-handed work that should hold considerable interest even for those cynical souls who find themselves congenitally out of sympathy with the Disney aesthetic.
To visit Disney World is to be transported, in more ways than one: to be immersed in a universe that is somehow totally "Other," "Elsewhere," even as it is - paradoxically - the most mundanely quintessential of American landscapes.
Weiss joins Paul Pressler, recently named president of the Disneyland Resort, Tom Elrod, president of Walt Disney Attractions Marketing and Entertainment, and Eddie Carpenter, president of Disneyland International and chief financial officer of Walt Disney Attractions, on the Attractions executive management team.
Mark Pacala, Disney America's senior vice president and general manager, says finding minority contractors to work on the project should not be difficult, given its proximity to D.
Big G's Disney cereals provide at least 8 grams of whole grain per serving (at least 48 grams recommended daily) and 10 percent of the Daily Value of calcium.
into a powerful position within Disney as the company's largest individual shareholder.
Steven Watts's The Magic Kingdom: Walt Disney and the American Way of Life tries to explain this transformation.
The business unit formerly known as Buena Vista Games will now be known as Disney Interactive Studios and will publish both Disney and non-Disney branded video games for all platforms worldwide.
Responding to the letter, Disney Chairman George Mitchell said in a statement that the company is ``fully aware of the importance of the task of succession planning and the responsibilities we bear to all shareholders,'' but gave no specifics on a succession plan.
Since the day Mickey dared to speak in a `talkie,' Disney has boldly taken its content to the cutting edge.
The upbeat tone of Wednesday's festivities did well to disguise some of the turbulence surrounding Disney in recent months including an unsuccessful hostile takeover bid, a shareholder revolt that led to Chief Operating Officer Michael D.
have made it clear Disney (NYSE:DIS) is at the top of their lists.
in no hurry to sweeten its takeover bid for The Walt Disney Co.