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calling out the name of a person (especially by a loudspeaker system)

the system of numbering pages

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Blackstone also expects to soon incorporate two additional tools as well: Blackstone's SmartCache(TM) data management tool which reduces network bottlenecks that are common to data-intensive applications by using a peer-to-peer technology to intelligently replicate, distribute, and update data on local compute nodes; and Blackstone's SmartBlast(TM) tool for distributing BLAST execution over a cluster of computers by appropriately segmenting target databases, avoiding disk swapping and reducing total memory costs.
Software products include a variety of disk swapping and data upgrading utilities.
This means more data under the head at one time, less disk swapping, and reduced jukebox thrashing.
If you want to get a file from one computer to another, inexpensively, the choices have been limited to: disk swapping (sometimes called sneaker net) or wired connection between the computers via a serial or parallel port cable.
This allows precise interaction with the picker mechanism for dependable disk swapping and delicate handling of the disks, which prolongs media life.