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(computer science) a computer file stored on a magnetic disk and identified by a unique label

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The virtual machine disk format specification describes and documents the virtual machine environment and how it is stored.
Mac users can choose the disk format best for their work, and rest assured that colleagues using Windows and MacDrive 98 will be able to seamlessly access files on all types of Mac-formatted disks," he added.
The Super Audio CD (SACD) is an optical disk format jointly developed by Sony and Philips Electronics N.
DirectCD is the first CD-R packet recording software available that adheres to the industry-standard universal disk format (UDF) specifications.
In addition, the ATEC378 is largely firmware compatible with QLogic's leading high-performance TEC376 and TEC386 SCSI controllers and provides exact disk format and ECC compatibility.
As a substitute for traditional modular or external floppy disk drive solutions, the USB97CFDC allows the disk drive designer to build a fast, hot-pluggable drive for all floppy disk formats (720 KByte, 1.
The EL6249C features four current channels needed for the read, bias, erase, and write laser drive power levels, compliant with the industry-standard Orange Specification for CD-R, and CD-R/W write strategy disk formats.