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a drive with its own power supply and fan mounted outside the computer system enclosure and connected to the computer by a cable

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SAS based storage infrastructure enables low cost solutions to be optimized for cost and performance by using both high performance and high value drives, sometimes in the same disk enclosure.
In a disk enclosure, the present speed is 2Gb/s Fibre Channel (2GFC).
This is the second-generation deployment of Emulex's InSpeed switches and bridges within the LSI Engenio disk enclosure product line.
Each RAID controller is configured with four high performance 4Gb/s Fibre Channel ports and four iSCSI Gigabit Ethernet ports with hardware TCP/IP Offload Engines (TOE) and also offers four 4-lane 3Gb/s SAS ports for easy capacity expansion with iQstor's J5200 SBOD disk enclosure.
This new suite of applications features a variety of configuration options and SAS topology views from the system host, controller and disk enclosure down to the logical and physical drive level.
External RAID controllers packaged in a disk enclosure.
Each iQ2850 supports up to fifteen 1TB SATA drives providing 15TB of redundant, fault tolerant storage capacity or 6TB using 400GB FC4 drives, and scales to 240TB SATA or 96TB FC through connectivity with the J2880 SBOD disk enclosure.
With SANARIO FS, a customer has the ability to create tiers of storage within the same system, in fact within the same disk enclosure, while retaining FC connectivity.
However, in the case of Clustering, term power should be turned over to the disks or, better yet, a disk enclosure.
External PCIe Disk Enclosure Enables Ultimate Bandwidth with the Lowest Latency Possible to Deliver Unmatched Performance in Rich Media Editing
Deliverables disk enclosure type Reference Manufacturer
With one of the chip's two integrated SATA cores and PHYs configurable as either a host or a device port, the controller actually offers disk enclosure designers the option of either the 3Gbps eSATA interface or an interface to a second SATA hard disk.
Tenders are invited for Supply,Installation and Commissioning of Server,SAN Storage Disk Enclosure,SAN Storage FC Hard Disk drives.
The Fortra Turbo Storage System combines a network of Disk Controller Modules (DCM), operating as members of a cluster, which share a virtualized pool of storage from Disk Enclosure Modules (DEM).
The S2900 Storage Array delivers high-end performance, using NEC's RAID processor, plus a new switch technology in the disk enclosure.