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Synonyms for disingenuous

Synonyms for disingenuous

not being what one purports to be

Synonyms for disingenuous

not straightforward or candid


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At the same time he recognizes they too have participated in the disingenuity and the duplicity.
This disingenuity ignores the political meanings of his work: in a 2004 interview he stated he did not know which of the scripts he was working on would "turn into the next crusade" (Morales).
As a defense of pure impressionism the preface to The Nigger of the Narcissus is often quoted, but too often quoted with no appreciation for Conrad's capacity for advanced and at times quite radical disingenuity in both his public statements about his art and his private correspondence.
Most of the Americans professed, with a measure of disingenuity connoting criticism, to be somewhat bewildered by how continental judges "thought.
I have argued in this Comment that disingenuity as first resort is an unwise approach to the conflict between our ex ante and our later, illness-endangered selves.
That is the only proper function of the judge, and for Garbus to call it an ultra-right ideology merely emphasizes both his disingenuity and his commitment to an ultraliberal ideology.
Imagining themselves into this third position, however, involves the members of the audience in considerable disingenuity.
Disingenuity of the possessors of biotech weapons is starkest when it comes to stealing and patenting life and ecosystems from the third world.
The Government of Burma', he wrote, 'now propose with alarming suddenness to abandon an attitude of disingenuity for one of quixotism.
government protested this violation of the Neutrality Act of 1818, to which the British Foreign Office responded with suave disingenuity that it knew nothing about these freelance activities (pp.
To underscore their point, Marks and Harry cleverly mock the disingenuity of the HGDP scientists, who waffle about the existence of "race" to protect their left flank (and keep the research dollars flowing) while publishing research that clearly shows population differences.
At the same time, it may well be recognized that there is considerable disingenuity about such invocations: in private-sector organizations, for example, shareholders are ultimately more likely to be accorded centrality in any conflict of interest.
For the film to work, you have to believe that the most unlikely people will be won over by his charming disingenuity.
In a further layer of fictional disingenuity Walpole acknowledges the source of the title: