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Synonyms for disingenuous

Synonyms for disingenuous

not being what one purports to be

Synonyms for disingenuous

not straightforward or candid


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I have argued in this Comment that disingenuity as first resort is an unwise approach to the conflict between our ex ante and our later, illness-endangered selves.
That is the only proper function of the judge, and for Garbus to call it an ultra-right ideology merely emphasizes both his disingenuity and his commitment to an ultraliberal ideology.
government protested this violation of the Neutrality Act of 1818, to which the British Foreign Office responded with suave disingenuity that it knew nothing about these freelance activities (pp.
For the film to work, you have to believe that the most unlikely people will be won over by his charming disingenuity.
It is true that the Plessy Court attempted to cloak its decision in the language of laissez-faire, but the disingenuity of the opinion is transparent.
This argument combines a prima facie plausibility with some degree of disingenuity.
It is an interesting debate, but sullied by some major spin and disingenuity.
She is yet again displaying disingenuity in her rant about the distribution of cash within Middlesbrough Council.
Still, his disingenuity shows commendable loyalty to the BBC.