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the act of washing dishes


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At the sink, use orange dish-washing liquid in a clear plastic or glass dispenser.
The 'Service' part gets you involved in helping the community and we've all been there and done that, whether it was that first dish-washing, waitering or life guarding job.
Company officials say the Actionpacs help clean dishes because they dissolve three times faster than regular dish-washing tablets.
The floor areas in the kitchen, dish-washing area and serving area had visible accumulations of dirt and food debris present and discarded cutlery.
Bipedality also freed the hands of husbands for sculpture, dish-washing, pushing supermarket trolleys, signing cheques and gardening on Sundays.
Upton Sinclair, in his sentimental The Jungle, sees this even where it doesn't exist, in the preparing of food and the washing of dishes in the home; and, like all collectivists, he sees the solution in "co-operative" kitchens that will do the cooking for everybody, or "communal" dish-washing machines that will do the job for everybody.
In some cases, the materials injected are not even silicone, but substitutes made from more readily available things such as dish-washing liquid or floor wax.
That, dear people," said Uncle Powderly, "is the dish-washing detergent, precisely measured in a capsule.
Its consistency is about like dish-washing soap, and once applied to a bore brush or patch, it stays there.
She immediately ordered the Green politician to pot and dish-washing duty.