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Synonyms for dishwasher

a machine for washing dishes

someone who washes dishes

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Iraqi Nice International company has taken a decision to build a factory, worth 20 million USD, in Gaziantep to manufacture refrigerators, washing and drying machines, dish washing machines, food freezers, and air-conditioners.
And for a variety of other major appliances, such as waste disposal units and dish washing machines, it remains low on the list of key U.
25) Like any up-to-date factory, the modern home needed to be equipped with the latest in production technology: running water and sewerage, central heating, telephone service, and, most of all, electricity, to provide both light and power for various appliances such as vacuum cleaners, dish washing machines, washing machines, electric stoves, refrigerators, and toasters.
The product segments discussed in the data reports include: Cooking appliances (gas fuel) Cooking appliances (liquid fuel) Cooking appliances (solid fuel) Microwave ovens Other electric cooking, roasting and grilling equipment Chest type freezers Upright type freezers Combined two door refrigerator-freezers Compression type refrigerators Other refrigerators Electric coffee and tea makers Electric toasters Juice extractors, food grinders and mixers Dish washing machines Ventilating hoods