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a cloth for washing dishes

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Also found in the bag were a pair of women's knickers, size 12, a dish cloth and two black socks.
If you use a dish cloth to clean up after handling raw meat or poultry, throw it in the wash right away.
It's suffered umpteen niggly little problems - a rattling handbrake cable, dials that steam up in the rain, faulty fog lamps and worst of all a leak in the sill which made the car smell like a dirty dish cloth.
It's fun and challenging,'' said Erin Wek, 10, as she knitted a dish cloth from pink, white and blue yarn.
And let's face it, a dish cloth, bottle of bleach and a duster cost a lot less than a membership at the gym.
When you've got a limo you can quite safely and comfortably cavort about in a frock the size of a dish cloth.
Linea Home jug, House of Fraser; wooden brush; Robert Dyas; jug mop, Dunelm Mill; dolly brush, Poundland; polka-dot dish cloth, Sarah Smith; shea butter hand cream, Sanderson; soap bars, all Heathcote & Ivory; wooden bowl, car boot sale; tea towels, Cath Kidston; laundry sign, Ben Di Lisi @ Debenhams A folding stand is perfect for airing linens.
If you don't have cling film use a clean dish cloth or something similar to stop the air getting to it until you can get medical help.
I put a clean dish cloth over the tap and we ran the water for an hour-and-a-half," she said.
50, House of Fraser; wooden brush, 99p; Robert Dyas; jug mop, 99p, Dunelm Mill; dolly brush, PS1, Poundland; polka-dot dish cloth, PS1.
Take them out of the water, peel the skin off, then quarter and de-seed and place on a paper towel or a clean dish cloth.
Please be reassured that I do not possess a Charles and Camilla mug or dish cloth, nor do I have on display a collection of thimbles commemorating their marriage, but she seems a decent enough stick, never done me any harm, so why not?
Four bloodstained tea towels, a dish cloth, women's pyjama bottoms, knickers and black socks were also in the Tesco carrier bag, which was inside a Mothercare bag.