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the act of washing dishes


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Procter & Gamble is introducing two products to its Cascade dish cleaning line.
The company said it was responding to strong consumer demand for convenient dish cleaning products.
Multi-Pack Atlanta's markets served include: household / commercial cleaning products, laundry and dish cleaning products, automotive performance and detailing products (including high viscosity waxes, pastes and polishes), pet care products, as well as other custom formulations.
The 6-Pack Caddy contains SCRUBS Dish Cleaning Wipes, SCRUBS Appliance Wipes, SCRUBS do-it ALL[TM] Disinfectant Wipes, SCRUBS[R] Lemon Hand Sanitizer Wipes, SCRUBS Stainless Steel Cleaner Wipes and SCRUBS[R] Green Cleaning Wipes.
In other words, the report concluded, annual savings projected to 250 free clothes washings, 100 free dish cleanings and enough electricity to run an energy-efficient refrigerator.