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Synonyms for excommunication

the state of being excommunicated

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the act of banishing a member of a church from the communion of believers and the privileges of the church


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It is important to note that the distinction between shunning, or disfellowship, and excommunication has been clearly defined in Christian communities that use them.
In the end, the Elders' decision was to disfellowship our father--a severe punishment from the standpoint of his immortal soul, but scarcely satisfactory for those of us who still had to live with this man.
In "sighs," Wolfson detects a rueful pun on size, which further reinforces Keats's sense of disfellowship from "grown-up" society (106).
61) The court distinguished Paul by explaining that shunning is passive, while the measures taken in this case were active--the Elders publicly denounced Guinn as a fornicator and even informed other area congregations of her disfellowship.
The repercussions of us coming out to them won't be felt until after the television show and articles become public, because then it may become necessary for the religious organization to disfellowship Jacob and I or take steps toward their version of excommunication--in which case, our family and our friends who are Jehovah's Witnesses wouldn't be able to speak to us anymore.