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art that is a product of one of the fine arts (especially a painting or sculpture of artistic merit)

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In addition, Createlab, who specialise in research, development and design of decorative water-based paints and finishes for interior walls and glass surfaces, will be hosting a live art show on the Disegno stand.
However, Disegno could be one to graduate to a better level as he has some decent form in the book, winning one of his three juvenile starts and chasing home subsequent Group One-placed Kodi Bear on his final two-year-old outing.
design and with the patronage of the ADI (Associazione Italiana per il Disegno Industriale) were also a great success.
In Chongqing, Full Circle Exchange also met Elizabeth Vazquez, the Chief Executive Officer of WEConnect International, The meeting led Full Circle Exchange to become a corporate member of WEConnect and to join the organization in a trade mission to Peru, After an introduction by WEConnect, Full Circle Exchange visited the production facility of Fidenza Disegno to see the quality and craftsmanship of its jewellery and meet the women employed by the company, As a result of time spent with Chief Operating Officer Milagros Johansson, Full Circle Exchange and Fidenza Disegno created a collaborative brand called Isabella Lazarte for Full Circle Exchange.
This linear emphasis and avoidance of color associate the works with the aesthetics of seventeenth-century Poussinists who elevated disegno above color in their quarrel with Rubenists.
International interior brands join forces under the Disegno banner
Un disegno di Alighiero Boetti s'intitola Pensando a Balla.
The chapters on literacy, philosophy, and disegno follow the arguments of several other recent scholars in this field and are less innovative in their approach.
It's both red-checked and high-tech--a place where you can pick up fresh pappardelle at Assenti's Pasta, then shop for the latest in cook were at Disegno Italiano.
Analogously, color is chthonic and affective, while line, disegno, is more rational and determinative.
With George are Jim DiPersia, Disegno by James DiPersia; and Elaine Reeves, Domain.
esperienza in settori tecnologici quali genomica funzionale, scoperta di prodotti naturali, disegno molecolare basato sul meccanismo di azione, la chimica combinatoriale e medicinale.
In founding the Accademia del Disegno in 1563, Karen-edis Barzman argues, Cosimo sought to eliminate artistic rivalry and instill a sense of community.
Despite her ordeal, she went on to become famous as an artist during her lifetime, and was the first woman admitted to the famed Accademia dell'Arte del Disegno in Florence.