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Synonyms for disease

Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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Disease transmission cycles are composite phenomena that represent interactions between sets of species: hosts, vectors, and pathogens.
The BioCleanse difference is that it is a low-temperature chemical sterilization process, proven to eliminate risk of donor-to-recipient infection or disease transmission.
The reduction in water sources also concentrates thirsty wildlife, increasing the potential for disease transmission from insects to vertebrates gathered to drink.
We agree that large-scale population displacement, with overcrowding and water disruption, is clearly a risk factor for disease transmission.
There is additional evidence of disease transmission without close physical contact in the report of the Amoy Gardens apartment complex in Hong Kong, where more than 200 residents are now under quarantine.
The El Nino phenomenon has raised awareness of the potential effects of climate variability on health and disease transmission (9, 10).
This situation highlights 1 aspect of community-based quarantine that has been overlooked: the potential role of household pets in disease transmission.
The Fund points out that such nativities are not only cruel to animals, but also pose a threat of disease transmission to people who view them.
The flow cytometer would be valuable in the study of disease transmission as well as response to drugs," Marron says.
Available since 1992, Thrombate III(R) has demonstrated a safety and efficacy record that includes infusion of more than 220,000 vials without a single documented case of infectious disease transmission.
For example, a mathematical model for disease transmission fitted to available data can provide estimates of R (1).
The recirculation of cabin air coupled with decreased outside air ventilation has been linked to an increased risk of in-flight disease transmission.
Mosquitoes and mosquitoborne disease transmission are sensitive to hydrologic variability.
Although donor screening reduces the risk of disease transmission dramatically, we felt it prudent to develop and incorporate the BioCleanse tissue sterilization step to further protect our patients," Grooms said.
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