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Synonyms for disease

Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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GIS is used to mapping the geographical distributions of disease prevalence, and to analyze the disease transmission spatial trend and the spatial modeling of environmental aspects of disease occurrences (Liu and Chen, 2006, Lindsay et al.
2010 [20] reported 100% disease transmission through grafting in 120 days post-inoculation.
When Judith Brindley persuaded her doctors to let her two greyhounds return home after weeks of separation, she used strict hygiene measures to prevent animal-to-human disease transmission.
The study, published on-line by The Lancet Neurology, said people may not know they have the agent for vCJD and thus there is a risk of further disease transmission through blood transfusions or equipment.
As a mother and former nurse, I have long been concerned about the potential for disease transmission from feral pigeon droppings.
The cat is believed to have eaten part of an infected bird, following a pattern of disease transmission seen in big cats in Asia.
These results don't favor one hypothesis of disease transmission over another.
Consequently, consumers, pet store employees, and others who work with and transport pet rodents should recognize the possibility for disease transmission and wash their hands thoroughly after handling the animals.
This increase is likely the result of a combination of increased water usage, improved outbreak detection, and increased disease transmission.
If a tick is found, risk of Lyme disease transmission is low, especially if the tick is removed quickly.
In winter and early spring months over the past decade, nearly 3,000 Yellowstone bison have been slaughtered to limit the possibility of disease transmission to cattle--although such a transmission has never been documented in the wild.
Demand will be driven by heightened awareness of foodborne pathogens and infectious disease transmission.
He said it was too early to tell as a full analysis of disease transmission was not completed, but did reveal that from interim data the risk appears quite small, though that risk is not zero.
Legionnaires' disease transmission is increased in aerosol-producing industrial settings, according to a recent outbreak investigation.
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