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Synonyms for disease

Synonyms for disease

a pathological condition of mind or body

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Infections were found to depend on type of CL, prevalence of the vector, and disease reservoirs.
Through my PhD research project, I am examining several hypotheses related to disease reservoirs and the effects of stress and climate on eider survival in the face of an outbreak, as well as addressing some of the gaps in current understanding of disease dynamics of avian cholera in northern Canada.
Euthanizing trapped animals accomplishes this, and in addition reduces the available disease reservoir population.
If mice are a zoonotic disease reservoir, and the human infection escalates with reservoir abundance, habitats that include foxes would have a lower incidence of disease.
The extent of this disease reservoir is not well known, because too little is known about the leafhoppers' plant preferences.
Since adults form the disease reservoir, "you might decrease it in adults and thereby decrease it in children," he says.
NFU Cymru president Stephen James said: "Cattle measures and biosecurity have a vital role to play in a TB eradication plan, but experience from across the globe, and indeed from our neighbours across the border in England and across the Irish Sea, have shown that a TB eradication plan must also include a strategy for dealing with the disease reservoir in wildlife in areas where it is endemic.